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Ultimate Guide To Profiting From PRO Data

Published: 2020-09-15 By: The Guru

It has been a couple of months now since we launched our PRO Data to the public and it has been great to see so many of you signing up and starting to use it to pick winning bets.

If you have not yet seen the PRO Data offering then the best place to start is the Example Data as this will help you to understand a lot of what we will explain below.

One of the biggest questions we get asked is how can I use the data to pick more winning bets? We understand that the data can be complex for many as it was designed for and mostly used by professional gamblers and tipsers so it will be a new concept for many to learn how to pick your own bets rather than copying bets given by a tipster.

In order to help you get the most from the data we have written the below guide with the help of some of our professional tipsters with advice on how they pick their winning selections. We have highlighted a method for some of the most common betting markets below.


How To Pick Both Teams To Score Games?

Without a doubt the most profitable market for the data is the Both Teams to Score (BTTS) market. We have tipsters using the data that only do this type of bet and are super profitable…

After speaking with one of the most profitable he provided us with his guide for how he picks his bets. You can follow the process as follows:

  1. Order the data by the Expected Goals (xG) column descending so the games with the most expected goals are at the top working downwards towards the lowest games.
  2. Any game with an xG of 3.50 or more should be considered for the next steps.
  3. Now that you have the games with the most expected goals in them, there is a good chance that both teams could score in this game.
  4. To find the exact selections you need to find rows where the Home Expected Goals (HxG) and the Away Expected Goals (AxG) are both at 1.50 or higher.
  5. If the game has an xG of 3.50 or more and both the HxG and AxG are over 1.50 you have a potential selection.
  6. The final step is to check the odds for the bet with your preferred bookmaker, if the odds are 1.50 (1/2) or better then you can place the bet! Avoid games where the odds are lower than this as the value is not there to make a long term profit. 


How To Pick Over 2.5 Goals Games?

Another really popular betting market is the Over 2.5 Goals market… 

This one is fairly straightforward when using the data as the goals data in the system is the best that you will find on the Internet. We say that as we have yet to find any data source more accurate than ours. 

For picking winning Over 2.5 Goals there are a couple of criteria that we use to ensure long term profitability:

  1. Order the data by the Expected Goals (xG) column descending, so the highest numbers are at the top.
  2. Any game with an xG score of 3.50 or higher is suitable for these selections. This is a whole goal higher than we need for the bet to win.
  3. To further narrow the selections, we look for games where either the HxG or AxG is over 2.0. This means that at least one team in the game is likely to score two or more goals and thus increases our chances that the game will have 3 or more goals in total.
  4. Once you have a game that has an xG of 3.50 or higher and either the HxG or AxG is over 2.0 then you can add that game to your list.
  5. The final step is to check the odds at your preferred bookmaker, what you are looking for is odds of 1.75 (3/4) or better. By only playing selections at these odds or higher you are going to make a stronger profit over the longer term.


How To Pick Home Wins?

Looking to pick Home Teams to Win? This is a simple process using our PRO Data. 

There are only a couple of steps in this process as it is a fairly straight forward bet, it is about finding the right odds to make sure you get the best long term profit.

  1. Order the data by the Home column descending, so you have the highest percentages at the top. 
  2. You are looking for games where the Home % is 50.00 or higher.
  3. All of these games have a good chance to win but you can increase your chances of winning by ignoring any game where the Away score is 30.00 or higher.
  4. Finally, we recommend not backing any team to win that has odds lower than 1.50 (1/2) as this lowers the value in the bet and will affect your long term profit.


How To Pick Away Wins?

It might seem like a stupid thing to have to say but if you are looking to pick Away Wins, you simply have to follow the same process as above but switch from Home to Away!


How To Pick Draws?

One of our tipsters is one of the most well known draw tipsters in the world! He is was one of the first to get in touch with us about creating a data set like this to make it easier for him to do his research on a daily basis.

He has actually shared with us one of his methods for using the data to find potential draw games and after tracking it for a week or so now, it is very efficient and profitable.

Here is his system:

  1. Order the data by the xG column ascending, so you have the lowest numbers at the top.
  2. Now you are looking for any games with a score of 2.20 or less. These are likely to be really low scoring games.
  3. Next you are looking to find games where neither the Home or Away score is more than 40.00… If the score is exactly 40.00 then this is still fine.
  4. Now you have found low scoring games where neither team is stronger than the other and this makes the game a perfect chance of being 0-0 or 1-1 so backing the draw is profitable on these selections.


How To Pick First Half Goals Games?

Looking to back games to have a goal in the first half? That is something that we love to do with our Inplay betting and the data is really helpful for locating these games.

To find these games, we currently use the following system:

  1. Order the data by the First Half Expected Goals (FHxG) column descending, so the highest numbers are at the top. 
  2. You are looking at any games where the score is 1.50 or higher in this column.
  3. The next criteria we need to look at is the Expected Goals (xG) column. We are looking for this to be over 3.30, anything less than that and you can ignore the selection.
  4. Once you have found rows that match both of these criteria, the next step is to find those that are at valuable odds. We avoid any bet that has odds of 1.50 or below as there is not enough value in this selection. If you are into Asian Markets, you can look at the 1st Half Goal Line at 1.0 market as this can offer some great value on these selections.

We hope that you find these exact step-by-step betting strategies useful. We know that each of these is a profitable long term betting strategy as they have been designed and used by professionals for many months now. 

If you have any more questions about the PRO Data we are happy to answer any queries you may have… If you feel like you are ready to start making a long term profit from your football betting then consider becoming a PRO Member today.

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