New UEFA Champions League Format

Published: 2024-06-21 By: The Guru

Very soon, the main European club competition will change its format, affecting athletes, clubs, and fans. Soccer, one of the most successful and popular sports, constantly evolves. To satisfy all parties, UEFA consulted with critical players in the European football community and approved the new format, selection scheme, and competition calendar. 


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What Changes Will There Be?


The key change proposed by the UEFA Executive Committee is to revise the Champions League group stage format. At present, 32 teams take part in the group phase, split into eight groups comprising four teams each. Starting from the 2024/25 season, 36 clubs will be involved in the main stage of the Champions League. These clubs will play in a single league where each will compete against the others.


According to the new regulations, teams will participate in a total of eight matches during the primary phase. Each team will participate in eight matches against eight distinct opponents, with four matches taking place at their home venue and four away games. All teams will be divided into four baskets to determine these eight opponents. After the draw, each team will get two opponents from each basket and play one home and away match against them.


In this way, teams can find their strengths against more diverse opponents, increasing the interest in the matches, especially for fans who will get more opportunities to see top clubs play in the early stages. The new system will also increase the number of competitive matches for each team in the tournament.


Who Will Get the Other Four Spots?

The Champions League will retain its open format, where teams will continue to earn qualification based on their performances in domestic tournaments based on their national association's position in the UEFA club rankings. From the 2024/25 season onwards, the four additional places will be allocated according to three criteria:

  • The first ticket will go to the third team from the fifth association. 
  • The second ticket will go to the national champion, who qualifies through the Champions Track after four rounds.
  • The remaining two vouchers will be awarded to the association with the best average score from the previous season.

How to Make It to the Playoffs in New Conditions?

Based on the outcomes of all matches, a comprehensive league standings is compiled, with teams earning three points for a victory and one point for a draw. The top eight clubs after the general stage will directly qualify for the 1/8 finals. Those occupying the places from 9th to 24th will play the knockout matches for a chance to continue the fight. Teams ranked below 25th place will finish the season without continuing in the Europa League.


The new system, where all clubs will be in a single table, stimulates all participants throughout the overall stage. Starting with the 1/8 finals, the tournament will follow the usual format. The final will consist of one match at a neutral venue selected by UEFA beforehand. All games, except the final, will be played in the middle of the week, which will allow for consideration of the calendar of national tournaments in Europe. The final will traditionally take place on Saturday.


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The fresh Champions League format is set to introduce a new era of change in the realm of football competition. Abandoning the group stage in its current form and moving to a new system will create additional challenges and opportunities for clubs. This move will also bring more dynamics and unpredictability to the competition, undoubtedly pleasing fans and increasing interest in the tournament.


The new structure of the Champions League could become a new page in football's history, where every match will become even more important and the fight for the title will become even more exciting and unpredictable. All this will create new opportunities for clubs, players, and fans that will emphasize the Champions League's importance and appeal as the premier club tournament in the world of football.

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