Over 3.5 Goals Tips

If you like to extend the odds in your betting, then having a go on the over 3.5 goals market can make things interesting... The chance of the best coming in is reduced but the odds are often very attractive. Below you will find our advised over 3.5 match goals double bet for today.

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16th June Over 3.5 Goals Double
03:30 PM - MyPa vs KuFu-98 Lost
05:00 PM - Västra Frölunda vs Utsikten
Odds: 3.21 - £10 Returns £32.13

Daily Over 3.5 Goals Predictions List
3.5+ Goals tips for: 16-06-2021
TimeMatch% Chance
10:00 PMManhattan vs Long Island Rough Riders47%
10:00 PMChicago FC United vs Green Bay Voyageurs53%
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10:00 PM********** vs **********47%

Tomorrow's Over 3.5+ Goals Predictions
3.5+ Goals tips for: 17-06-2021
TimeMatch% Chance
12:00 AMCharlotte Eagles vs Asheville City49%
12:00 AMDuros Del Balon vs Cumbayá60%
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02:30 AM********** vs **********53%
09:00 AM********** vs **********53%
03:00 PM********** vs **********60%
05:00 PM********** vs **********47%
06:00 PM********** vs **********53%

What Is Over 3.5 Goals Betting?

Over 3.5 Goals Betting is where you bet on a game to have 4 or more goals. You are betting on how many goals you think there will be in the match by both teams combined so if the game only has three goals, for example 2-1 then your bet will lose, however, if the game has 4 goals or more such as a 3-2 then you will win. The bet wins the moment the games 4th goal goes in.

How To Pick Over 3.5 Goals Bets?

Betting on over 3.5 goals is a relatively new favourite as for many years the line was drawn around the 2.5 goals mark, due to the average number of goals in matches making that close to the 50% line. Since the rise of football data and football predictions sites such as ours, many punters are trying to find those games that have a higher average goals and profit from them. What you are looking for is a game where both teams have a high average goals per game, low clean sheet percentages and a high average goals scored number. A combination of these factors can lead to a high chance that the game will have over 3.5 goals.

Best Way To Use Over 3.5 Goals Predictions

As these selections tend to fall into the lower level of probability they will have higher odds. For this reason we tend to stick to backing them as singles or at most in doubles. A double on these selections can often fall between 2/1 (3.00) and 4/1 (5.00) so there is profit to be made. They are also good games to follow in-play as you can track the opening 10 minutes of the game and if there has not been a goal you can back these selections at even higher odds.

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