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Below you will find our algorithm predictions for First Half and Match Goals! If the field is highlighted in Bold Green then we expect another goal in this game either in first half or the match depending on the column.

MinsMatchScoreFH: 0.5/1.5
MG 0.5/1.5/2.5
90' Valerenga vs ODD Ballklubb 1-1 FH: 70%/30%
MG: 100%/80%/53%
90' IA Akranes vs KA Akureyri 0-2 FH: 60%/40%
MG: 80%/73%/60%
90' Keflavik vs HK Kopavogur 2-0 FH: 70%/30%
MG: 100%/100%/60%
83' Globo vs ABC 2-0 FH: 70%/70%
MG: 100%/87%/87%
81' Atlanta vs Quilmes 0-0 FH: 30%/0%
MG: 67%/40%/33%
69' Atletico Paranaense vs Parana 0-0 FH: 70%/20%
MG: 93%/47%/40%
69' Wydad AC vs CR Khemis Zemamra 0-0 FH: 80%/50%
MG: 100%/87%/60%
60' Deportivo Paraguayo vs Sportivo Barracas 0-2 FH: 60%/0%
MG: 87%/53%/40%
59' Central Cordoba vs Dock Sud 0-0 FH: 40%/20%
MG: 73%/53%/27%
59' El Porvenir vs Real Pilar 1-0 FH: 40%/20%
MG: 93%/47%/33%
58' Puerto Nuevo vs Defensores De Cambaceres 1-1 FH: 70%/10%
MG: 87%/73%/47%
58' Berazategui vs Argentino De Merlo 0-2 FH: 50%/50%
MG: 100%/80%/67%
57' Midland vs Atletico Atlas 1-0 FH: 50%/30%
MG: 93%/80%/47%
57' Excursionistas vs Ituzaingó 0-0 FH: 20%/10%
MG: 93%/53%/53%
56' Central Ballester vs Liniers 0-0 FH: 30%/10%
MG: 73%/47%/33%
56' Deportivo Español vs General Lamadrid 0-1 FH: 20%/10%
MG: 100%/67%/53%
55' Sportivo Italiano vs Claypole 0-1 FH: 20%/0%
MG: 87%/60%/13%
54' Lujan vs Victoriano Arenas 1-0 FH: 30%/0%
MG: 60%/47%/47%
53' Centro Español vs Argentino Rosario 0-0 FH: 50%/10%
MG: 87%/80%/33%
52' San Martín Burzaco vs Deportivo Laferrere 0-1 FH: 40%/30%
MG: 60%/60%/60%
51' Juventud Unida vs Lugano 0-1 FH: 40%/10%
MG: 80%/67%/33%
45' Remo vs Vitoria 0-0 FH: 70%/30%
MG: 100%/73%/20%
45' Oeste vs Mirassol 0-0 FH: 80%/20%
MG: 87%/73%/47%
45' Ceramica Cleopatra vs AL Masry 0-0 FH: 90%/40%
MG: 100%/100%/47%
45' Arka Gdynia vs ?KS ?ód? 0-0 FH: 50%/0%
MG: 87%/67%/33%
45' Italy vs Switzerland 1-0 FH: 90%/60%
MG: 100%/93%/60%
44' San Antonio Unido vs Union San Felipe 0-0 FH: 65%/33%
MG: 93%/77%/60%

In-Play Tips Guide

One of the fastest growing areas in the world of online gambling is that of football betting in-play. Traditionally punters would make their selections before a football match has started and have to wait for the game to finish before settling their bets. Over the past couple of years online bookies have improved their systems such much that punters are now able to bet on matches in real-time.

This increase in live football betting has generated a huge following and in many cases it will be the only bets certain people will place. This means that the demand for in-play betting tips has grown so much that we have been forced to create this page on our site.

Our in-play betting tips page will help you to make informed decisions about games that are currently under-way and hopefully will help you to find long odds winners. In-play betting can be tricky if you do not have data to back up a selection and many people make the mistake of simply using the in-play stats or number of shots to make their selections which is not a long-term strategy and so our inplay tips above should help to make your live football betting strategy much more profitable.

We are always improving this section of the website and as we add more leagues to our data we expect there to always be games available here - please bear with us as we grow our site and expand this section to become the number 1 page for online inplay betting tips!

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