Half-Time/Full-Time Betting Tips

Are you looking for winning HT/FT Predictions to help you make a nice profit from your football betting? We have had winners at odds ranging from 20/1 all the way up to 50/1. On an average day the odds of our ht/ft tips will usually be around 9/1 so a £10 bet would return over £100.

5th December HT/FT Double
03:00 PM - Rochefort vs Marloie Sport: Draw/Home
Belgium Third Amateur Division - ACFF B
04:00 PM - 1899 Hoffenheim W vs Werder Bremen W: Home/Home FT: Home/Home
Germany Women Bundesliga
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Daily HT/FT Predictions List
HF/FT tips for: 05-12-2021
05:00 AMHonda vs Kariya
Japan Japan Football League
06:05 AMMelbourne Victory W vs Adelaide United W
Australia W-League
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08:30 AM********** vs **********Draw/Away
08:30 AM********** vs **********Draw/Away
10:00 AM********** vs **********Draw/Away
10:00 AM********** vs **********Draw/Home
11:30 AM********** vs **********Draw/Home
12:00 PM********** vs **********Home/Home
12:00 PM********** vs **********Draw/Home
12:00 PM********** vs **********Draw/Away
12:00 PM********** vs **********Draw/Draw

Tomorrow's HT/FT Predictions
HT/FT tips for: 06-12-2021
01:00 AMCaravel vs Dakota
Aruba Division di Honor
01:00 AMDiriangén vs Managua
Nicaragua Primera Division
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01:00 AM********** vs **********Draw/Home
01:15 AM********** vs **********Away/Away
01:30 AM********** vs **********Home/Home
02:00 AM********** vs **********Away/Away
02:10 AM********** vs **********Draw/Draw
02:10 AM********** vs **********Home/Home
02:30 AM********** vs **********Home/Draw
11:00 AM********** vs **********Draw/Away
11:00 AM********** vs **********Draw/Home

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What Is Half-Time/Full-Time Betting?

HT/FT betting is when you bet on which team you think will be winning the game at half-time and also which team you think will be winning at full-time in the same line. So if we take the example of Arsenal vs Man Utd and you think that the game will be a Draw at half-time but Arsenal will win the game, you would bet on Draw/Arsenal (or Draw/Home - depending on how the bookmaker displays it). You are increasing the difficulty of your bet as you are not only try to correctly guess who is going to win the game, but who will be winning at half-time as well.

How To Pick HT/FT Bets?

Picking HT/FT is very difficult as there are so many factors to compute. You are trying to look at which team you think will win the game overall, this in itself is no often that difficult. The more difficult part is trying to work out how the game is going to play out. Does one of the teams have very poor form in the first half but then recover to win games? Or is the team strong in the first half only to fall away and draw/lose games? With so many data points to compare our algorithm is a great tool for helping you understand how a game will play out as it considers many data points to make it's selections.

Best Way To Use HT/FT Predictions

The odds for these selections can vary massively. One very common tactic is the HT/FT Double, where you try and pick the HT/FT outcome of two games and combine them as a double as this can often get you odds of around 20/1 (21.00) and if you go for HT/FT reversals where one team is winning at half-time but the other team goes on to win, then a double of those picks can often be around 225/1 (226.00) so there is a lot of profit to be made, however the strikerate is often lower.