Every day the algorithm crunches the numbers to find the best bet for a given day... Today it has picked out the following as it's Bet of the Day!

Real Madrid vs Real Betis
Real Madrid WIN

Tomorrow's Bet of the Day

As we know many of you like to place your bets a long way ahead we now provide you with the Bet of the Day for tomorrow plenty of time in advance so you can add it to your slips.

SS Lazio vs Bologna FC 1909
Over 2.5 Goals

What Is The Bet of the Day?

The Bet of the Day is the algorithm's attempt at trying to pick the most likely winning bet of the day with the view that putting this bet on every day will lead to a consistent profit over the long term. The trick is to put the same stake on this bet every day so that you have a consistent staking plan to avoid making a profit and then losing it all on the next bet.