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Published: 2020-09-06 By: The Guru

In addition to a basic form of betting such as asian handicap, over / under or 1 × 2 odds, professional football betting on the website W88 has many different types of betting. The series explaining the types of odds in sports betting will equip the basics of winning participants. Not to mention an interesting bet is "to Win to Nil". It sounds new, but this type of bet has been popular for a long time and is popular in the online betting industry around the world. Let's find out more in the article below off Stay tuned now.

What is to win to nil?

Basically understanding is to predict the winner without being scored by the away team, for example 1 -0, 2-0, 3-0 (meaning in a match only one team will score a goal). Or to be said in a more understandable way than when the player bets on overwhelming handicap. The team that you bet to win is a - 0 against your opponent and you will win. However, the probability of winning this matchup is quite low. Because most games have a big difference between the two teams, the odds are quite high. 

This is also the reason why this bet type attracts players if they want to try their luck. The odds are given by WW88 bookmaker, depending on factors related to the two teams participating in the match.

(*) The method of calculating the bet is as follows: 

Return = Amount of staked x odds

(*) Symbols in To Win to Nil bet: 

  • Home: Bets on the home team to win and not be scored by the Away team.
  • Away: Away team will win if it is not scored by the Home team.

How to bet:

  1. For the match there are two teams with a huge difference in rank: To bet, players can refer to the teams with the biggest difference between the two teams. For example, the Man City team is the home team that welcomes the away team with a large difference from its name in the Premier League market. Of course, the brothers who beat the safe method will choose Man City. But surprises can happen in the 90th minute players should consider choosing.
  2. For teams of equal qualifications: If the team has qualifications not too different or equal. With this bet, players should focus on analyzing more about other factors such as performance, performance at home and away, lineups to make the best decision.

Experience betting to Win to Nil

Based on the odds in specific matches, the player may find that the general criteria that the house offers are the same. That means the more unlikely the odds are, the higher the odds of winning the bet will be.

First of all, it is in this type of bet that only one team can score a goal against the other team, even if there is a difference in rank and strength, the possibility of a 1-1 draw is still high. Therefore, it is advisable to monitor and analyze the football team's ability to score and play.

At the same time should study the teams with good defense and attack. This will increase your chances of winning many times over. 

The fact also shows that most of the winning teams get to be scored, this number is not 100% because there are also teams that are built on the foundation of pragmatic play, defending scientific and sure. like Porto, Chelsea under Jose Mourinho or today Simeone's Atletico Madrid. They still have 1 - 0, 2 - 0 victories ... against the opponents they face.


Hope the information given above can explain the To Win to Nil bet to you. Also learn how to bet effectively in matches. In addition, players should choose a reputable bookmaker like W88 for safe bets! Wishing players success! 

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