10 Greatest Football Matches in UK History: A Retrospective Analysis

Published: 2023-03-17 By: The Guru

The British are known to be ardent football fans who admire their football clubs and are willing to do a lot for them. Football, is an inexhaustible topic for discussion in these areas. In general, you will always have a stable majority of people, who, when asked about the national teams and clubs in all UK, respond with passion and are ready to talk to you about it for a long, long time. If you’re passionate about football as well you can now use PayPal to place your first bet and enjoy in the matches even more.

UK football teams have achieved some very enviable results throughout history, and here are some of the most memorable matches which left mark in the history of football not only in UK, but in whole world:

10.Scotland vs England 1872

The first official international football match was played on this day in 1872, between the national teams of Scotland and England. It happened in the small town of Partick near Glasgow in Scotland, in front of an audience of about 4000 people. The result was 0:0.

The date was significant, because it is the day of St. Andrew, patron saint of Scotland. In fact, that day is a national holiday in Scotland. The English wore white jerseys and the Scots wore blue, similar to today. The difference compared to today's football was that the goals did not have a bar (beam), but only a strip that marked the upper part of the goal.

9.England vs Scotland 1928

On 31 March 1928, England welcomed their rivals Scotland on Wembley in a match of British Home Championship. This match will remain remembered as the biggest win of Scotland against England in the history. The players of Scotland were nicknamed “Wembley Wizards”.

8.England vs Scotland 1961

The rivalry between England and Scotland was getting more and more heated and on 15 April 1961 they played another match for the history. Both teams had quality individuals but the English players were more in the mood and won with 9:3. Even today many English man calls this result as revenge for the Wembley Wizards.

7.Celtic vs Rangers 1957

The Old Firm derby is certainly among the most heated rivalries in the whole world. There were many matches to remember between Celtic and Rangers, but one of the most interesting was played in 1957 in the Scottish League Cup final. Celtic managed to win against their rival with 7:1, one of the biggest wins in the history if this rivalry. 

6.Argentina vs England 1986

Just four years earlier, Argentina and Great Britain got involved in the Falkland Islands war. The painful sense of defeat remained among the Argentinians, and the match against the English offered them an opportunity for revenge. With this mentality, Maradona entered the match, which he finished as a living legend. It was the 6th minute of the second half and the result was 0:0. Maradona signaled a double pass to Jorge Valdano, but midfielder Steve Hodge diverted the pass high into his own penalty area. To the astonishment of 115,000 spectators at the Azteca Stadium, the 163 cm tall Argentinian star jumped over goalkeeper Peter Shilton and boxed the ball into the English net with his hand on top of his head.

5.Manchester City vs QPR 2012

Manchester City won the third title of the champion of England, the first after 44 years, after they defeated Queens Park Rangers 3:2 (1:0) in the dramatic end of the 38th round of the Premier League. Until the 90th minute, City was on the brink of the abyss, as the guests from London were leading 2:1, but at the end City won and finished the season ahead of the city rival United.

4.Liverpool vs Barcelona 2019

It was a miraculous, fantastic, unforgettable game at a completely delirious Anfield, one of those to be remembered for a lifetime. Liverpool beat Barcelona 4-0 at Anfield in the Champions League semi-final second leg after Barcelona won 3-0 in the first leg at Camp Nou.

3.Manchester United vs Bayern Munich 1999

After 31 years, Manchester United managed to lift the Champions League trophy in 1999. A brilliant season behind them in the Premier League and the final against Bayern was the cream to the season for the perfect team created by Alex Ferguson. The 1999 Champions League final, played at the Camp Nou on May 26, was one of the most dramatic in history. The Red Devils were losing the match 0:1, but in three additional minutes they managed to turn the score in their favor and won

2.Milan vs Liverpool 2005

It is enough to say "Istanbul’s night" or "miracle in Istanbul" and all football fanatics will remember that incredible match. The 2005 Champions League final between Milan and Liverpool is considered one of the best matches ever played in the competition. Milan was leading 3:0 at the half time but it was draw at the end of the 90 minutes and the English team was better after the penalties.

1.England vs West Germany 1966

England won their only World Cup title against West Germany in 1966 on Wembley, and the final was marked perhaps by the most controversial goal in football history. Due to the poor quality of the footage and the small number of cameras at the match, it remains unclear to this day whether the ball crossed the goal line after Hurst's kick bounced off the crossbar.

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