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Use the form below to make a one-off donation to help support the development of the football betting algorithm and allow us to source more data to expand the leagues and data offered on the site.

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Our goal is to continue to grow the site until it covers all games around the world and becomes the most accurate football algorithm in the world. We currently only have a handful of leagues due to the cost of the data feeds required to power the site.

From the start we have always wanted to make our data available to the world for free, however there are costs involved in keeping a site like this alive and it is through these donations that we can make that happen. We hope that we help our users to make a profit through their betting and periodically they use some of that profit to continue to support the site.

The site is currently ad-free and we hope it can remain that way forever through your generous support.

Every little helps as even just £50 a month can get us up to the tier of leagues and expand the content available on the site... With around £1,000 a month in donations we can get worldwide coverage of leagues so we always have live games available and will be able to source player, corner and more up-to-date inplay data! This would allow us to start providing first goalscorer, anytime goalscorer and corner tips which we know many of you love!