Germany Oberliga - Niedersachsen

Upcoming Matches - Germany Oberliga - Niedersachsen Predictions

Match1/X/2Avg GoalsCorrect Score
Heeslinger SC
TB Uphusen

26-10-2021 19:00
1: 80%
X: 20%
2: 0%

Previous Matches

24-10-2021 14:00Spelle-Venhaus vs Rotenburger SV5-1
24-10-2021 14:00BW Lohne vs VfL Oldenburg1-0
24-10-2021 14:00Hagen / ​Uthlede vs Kickers Emden1-1
24-10-2021 14:00Gifhorn vs SVG Gottingen3-1
24-10-2021 14:00Eintracht Celle vs Bersenbrück5-3
24-10-2021 14:00Germania Egestorf vs BW Schwalbe Tündern2-0
23-10-2021 15:00Ramlingen / Ehlershausen vs Lupo-Martini3-0
23-10-2021 15:00Eintracht Northeim vs FT Braunschweig0-3
22-10-2021 18:30Wolfenbuttel vs Arminia Hannover3-3
17-10-2021 14:00Bersenbrück vs BW Lohne2-0
17-10-2021 14:00SVG Gottingen vs Wolfenbuttel1-4
17-10-2021 14:00Lupo-Martini vs Germania Egestorf2-2

Germany Oberliga - Niedersachsen Table

2BW Lohne85302151618
3Heeslinger SC75201971217
4Kickers Emden84131513213
5VfL Oldenburg7322910-111
6TB Uphusen82421117-610
7Rotenburger SV8134712-56
8Hagen / u200bUthlede8125622-165
10Eintracht Celle81161424-104

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