Romania Liga III - Serie 6

Upcoming Matches - Romania Liga III - Serie 6 Predictions

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Previous Matches

10-04-2021 15:00Pucioasa vs Academica Clinceni II2-0
10-04-2021 15:00Filiaşi vs CS U Craiova II2-1
09-04-2021 15:00Vediţa Coloneşti vs Unirea Bascov2-2
09-04-2021 15:00Flacăra Moreni vs Sporting Roşiori0-0
09-04-2021 15:00Alexandria vs Petrolul Potcoava1-1
03-04-2021 15:00Sporting Roşiori vs Pucioasa0-2
02-04-2021 15:00CS U Craiova II vs Flacăra Moreni1-2
02-04-2021 15:00Academica Clinceni II vs Alexandria1-1
02-04-2021 15:00Vediţa Coloneşti vs Filiaşi0-0
02-04-2021 15:00Unirea Bascov vs Petrolul Potcoava1-1
27-03-2021 14:00Petrolul Potcoava vs Academica Clinceni II3-1
27-03-2021 14:00Pucioasa vs CS U Craiova II2-1

Romania Liga III - Serie 6 League Table

2Vediu0163a Coloneu015fti1584329141528
4Sporting Rou015fiori157442214825
6Unirea Bascov156362420421
7Flacu0103ra Moreni155642321221
8Petrolul Potcoava153571529-1414
9CS U Craiova II1523102533-89
10Academica Clinceni II1512121044-345

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