Romania Liga III - Serie 5

Upcoming Matches - Romania Liga III - Serie 5 Predictions

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Previous Matches

11-04-2021 12:00Kids Tâmpa Braşov vs Astra II1-3
10-04-2021 15:00Plopeni vs Blejoi0-0
10-04-2021 15:00Olimpic Cetate vs Sepsi II3-1
10-04-2021 12:00Municipal Braşov vs Târgu Secuiesc1-1
09-04-2021 15:00Odorheiu Secuiesc vs Corona Braşov1-1
06-04-2021 15:00Sepsi II vs Corona Braşov0-3
03-04-2021 15:00Blejoi vs Odorheiu Secuiesc1-2
03-04-2021 15:00Târgu Secuiesc vs Plopeni1-0
03-04-2021 12:00Kids Tâmpa Braşov vs Municipal Braşov3-2
03-04-2021 12:00Astra II vs Sepsi II2-1
02-04-2021 15:00Corona Braşov vs Olimpic Cetate3-1
27-03-2021 14:00Plopeni vs Kids Tâmpa Braşov6-0

Romania Liga III - Serie 5 League Table

1Corona Brau015fov1512303392439
3Municipal Brau015fov156543023723
5Sepsi II156272122-120
6Olimpic Cetate155372121018
7Tu00e2rgu Secuiesc155371729-1218
8Astra II145272223-117
9Odorheiu Secuiesc144461817116
10Kids Tu00e2mpa Brau015fov1330101034-249

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