Brazil Maranhense

Upcoming Matches - Brazil Maranhense Predictions

Match1/X/2Avg GoalsCorrect Score
Moto Club
Sampaio Correa

15-04-2021 00:30
1: 30%
X: 40%
2: 30%

Previous Matches

07-04-2021 22:30Sampaio Correa vs Pinheiro1-0
06-04-2021 19:30Juventude MA vs Timon MA1-2
31-03-2021 19:30IAPE vs Timon MA6-0
29-03-2021 22:30Imperatriz vs Juventude MA0-0
29-03-2021 19:30Moto Club vs São José MA0-1
21-03-2021 19:30Timon MA vs Moto Club2-4
20-03-2021 20:00Pinheiro vs IAPE2-2
17-03-2021 22:30Sampaio Correa vs Imperatriz2-0
13-03-2021 23:00Imperatriz vs São José MA0-0
09-03-2021 19:30Juventude MA vs Pinheiro2-0
08-03-2021 19:30São José MA vs IAPE0-0
03-03-2021 19:30Juventude MA vs Sampaio Correa0-0

Brazil Maranhense League Table

1Sampaio Correa54101101113
2Moto Club540193612
3Juventude MA62226338
6Su00e3o Josu00e9 MA621348-47

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