Azerbaidjan Premyer Liqa

Upcoming Matches - Azerbaidjan Premyer Liqa Predictions

Match1/X/2Avg GoalsCorrect Score
Keshla FC

08-05-2021 15:00
1: 20%
X: 50%
2: 30%
Neftchi Baku

08-05-2021 17:15
1: 30%
X: 50%
2: 20%

Previous Matches

04-05-2021 17:15Sumqayıt vs Sabah FA0-2
04-05-2021 15:00Qarabag vs Zira1-1
03-05-2021 17:15Səbail vs Qabala1-0
03-05-2021 15:00Keshla FC vs Neftchi Baku0-3
25-04-2021 17:00Zira vs Sumqayıt0-0
25-04-2021 16:15Sabah FA vs Neftchi Baku2-2
25-04-2021 15:00Keshla FC vs Səbail1-0
25-04-2021 14:00Qabala vs Qarabag0-5
17-04-2021 17:15Neftchi Baku vs Zira4-0
17-04-2021 15:00Keshla FC vs Sabah FA0-0
16-04-2021 17:15Sumqayıt vs Qabala2-0
16-04-2021 15:00Səbail vs Qarabag1-1

Azerbaidjan Premyer Liqa League Table

2Neftchi Baku25155541251650
5Sabah FA2567122431-725
8Keshla FC25411102236-1423

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